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Markets where our products have presence:
Markets where we have presence
Brazil, Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Russia, Dubai, Oman, Kenya, South Africa, Nepal, Shri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and   New Zealand.

We are One of the leading manufacturer of innovative stationery products in India, School Stationery is a total stationery solution company. In fact, we manufacture some products which enjoys monopoly status in Indian and world markets !

In recognition of our quality and innovativeness, peoples across the globe writes us Appreciation letters in praise for our products. We specialize to cater the need of Dollar shops or 99 cent shops across the U.S.A. market.

map of indiaWe have got Marketing Agents across India and Nepal.

Our main aims is Quality products and the quality doesn't comes cheap. We from time to time introduce new products in the market. We do packing and change in finishing of the products as per the requirements of the Customer.

We invite your Enquiries, but before that, Please go through our Products Catalogue.

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